Source of Water & Water Treatment Techniques

We purchase our water from the Jasper Waterworks and Sewer Board. The source of their water is from the Mulberry Fork of the Warrior River. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management classifies the water facility as a Surface Water Source. The water is treated at the Laye-Williams Water Treatment Plant which has a capacity of 18 million gallons per day (MGD) of potable water. Raw water from the river is pumped to the water treatment plant where it is aerated to oxidize taste and odor compounds. Chlorine Dioxide is fed in the raw water either at the raw water pump station or prior to the rapid mix basin as a pre-oxidant to reduce disinfection by-product formation and to address potential taste and odor issues. Lime is added for pH adjustment and potassium permanganate is used to aid in the oxidation process and for organics removal. As water enters the rapid mix chamber, alum is added as a coagulant. The water flows through three flocculation basins and three settling basins prior to entering the mixed-media filters. Chlorine is added after filtration for disinfection and fluoride is added for protection of teeth. Finished water is stored in clearwells with a total storage capacity of 4,785,000 gallons. The water is then pumped from the clearwells to the transmission and distribution system.

The water system consists of one ground storage tank with a total capacity of 1,000,000 gallons, a 400 gpm Booster Pump Station, and a distribution system that provides water to our customers.

Natural Gas
If You Smell Gas

In its natural state, natural gas is both colorless and odorless. For your safety, a chemical ingredient is added which smells like rotten eggs. This unpleasant odor is for your protection in the event of a gas leak.

If you suspect a gas leak, check your pilot lights or see if a burner valve has been left partially on. If you can’t find the source, open windows and doors to disperse the gas and call.

If the odor is extremely strong, leave the building at once. Call us from a neighbor’s phone. Do not use your phone or light any matches. Do not operate switches or electrical devices or pull any plugs from outlets. Any of these actions could ignite gas that may have accumulated.

A gas leak is a rare occurrence, but for your protection, 24-hour emergency service is available.